Inner City Hot Tubs is located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. It is a holistic health center where nudity is the norm. It has a sauna and two hot tubs on a secluded deck that is open to the elements.

DIRECTIONS: You can contact the folks who run it at 2927 NE Everett, Portland, OR 97232 or at (503) 238-1065.

DESCRIPTION: Besides the two hot tubs (each supporting 7 people), and sauna, there is a second building with floatation tanks and massage therapists. There are certain times for women only, some for men only, but most times it is communal with a communal changing room. The tubs have a closing division between them as they may be rented by the hour. Costs are cheaper during the day. Reservations are advised, so as not to be disappointed.


Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997
From: Dick Williams (

Carl, here's the Portland article. I have a flyer and notice that the proper name is Inner City Hot Tubs and the phone number I listed in the CO Digest differs from their flyers. So I've updated those items and made a few other minor changes. And you do have permission to include the article on your web site. I'll leave the date of the visit in as a guide to the age of the article. I think people usually want to know if writeups are new or old. If you think of any questions not covered in the article let me know and I can revise it.

Dick Williams -

The Inner City Hot Tubs of Portland Oregon occupies the lower floor of an establishment known as COMMON GROUND - "a Center for Wellness". Common Ground resides in two side by side converted homes on Portland's historic and interesting East side. The building at 2927 NE Everett houses several alternative or natural healers such as Chiropractors. Acupuncturists and massage therapists. The lower level is the communal "water" area with showers, hot tubs and a sauna.

After paying the daytime walk-in fee of six dollars for one hour (plus 50 cents towel rental) - and reading and signing a statement of non aggression, I was given a tour and invited to change and to enjoy myself. Changing means changing out of street clothes and into whatever's comfortable for soaking - it's a clothing optional setting and in my hour there I saw no one who opted to soak in clothes - all were comfortably nude. It's a laid back, coed facility all the way. I believe there are some hours set aside for all guy or all gal use of the facilities each week. The overall hours are 10 am to 11 pm Mon-Sat and noon to 11 pm on Sunday.

Visitors first shower then proceed up a short stairway and back outside to the open air hot tubs. There you find a fenced deck with two large 104 degree fiberglass hot tubs. Both tubs have jacuzzi timers if you want jet action and both can hold I suppose a dozen folks. I was there around 3 pm on Wednesday (2-6-97) and shared the soaks with several other people - but never more than about 6 at any one time. All enjoying that great feeling of the warm water on their all-bare skin. After the soak it was sauna time - that's back inside the building - a sign on the sauna entrance encourages silence in the sauna. Then outside for round two in the tubs a final shower and back to the changing room - refreshed and relaxed for the rest of my walk back to the Lloyd Center area where I was staying.

What a unique place - coed, clothing optional hot tubs and saunas, open every day to the general public. The address is 2927 NE Everett, Portland OR., phone (503) 238-1065. If your travels take you to Portland and you don't have time to visit Sauvie Island, Rooster Rock or some of that areas "real" hot springs, the Inner City Hot Tubs provide a great alternative. Very enjoyable with a safe, clean and comfy feel to it. And as mentioned in the beginning a visitor can continue the mood with a massage from the staff of four massage therapists. The Center also offers memberships and classes in a variety of natural techinques such as yoga, Ayurvedic healing and nutrition. Lucky Portland to have such a facility.

Dick Williams - Kansas City MO

Date: Sun, 5 May 1996


Well I'll give you a little review of Inner City Hot Spings in Portland. First it is a very friendly atmostsphere. Can't say that it's family oriented because I didn't see any kids but it is certainly a tame environment. From a friend who's wife is an employee, explicit activities are not tolerated. If your looking for a nice quiet soak or sauna, this is a great place.

It's located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Northeast Portland. There are two old houses that make up the complex that includes wellness center, massage therapy, and a chiropractor. There are parking restrictions so call first. Upon checking in, the attendent will take your money and offer to hold your valuables. Then right through a draped entrance to the communal changing area. Everything is open (changing area, showers, sinks) except two closed off toilets. Also the entrance to the sauna is from this area. The sauna was very dark and quiet. Hot also but not too hot. Up a few stairs and one reaches the two hot tubs. The hot tub area is quite picturesque with the two tubs that can be sectioned off. The tubs themselves were a very good temprature--not too hot.

I understand that the facility is clothing optional although when I was there everyone was nude except for the employees. Anyone squeemish about nudity should be aware that the attendent and other employees may walk through the changing area tub area at anytime. Also the tub area is in full view of window in one of the complexes buildings. Not a big deal of course.

Cost is $6 per hour before 6pm (I think) and $7 per hour after. Overall I say it's a great place.

Any more questions, let me know.

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